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Sandra Lee’s drunk Christmas tree.

Cat on a unicorn.

One word: perfection.

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I’m off from work. It’s chilly out. It’s rainy. My hair is in a high side ponytail.

happy Monday folks!

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Angelica Pickle’s doll looks like Cynthia. Don’t ya think?


You said it, Rihanna.

This is how Rihanna looks throughout the whole, show tonight. Not amused.

Four for you Glen Coco. You go Glen Coco.

How wonderful would it be if Oprah and Beyonce ran for Prez and VP in 2016?



I don’t know what their platform would be, I think they would make a fabulous team. Two powerful woman. One to give inspiration and the other to make us feel better when were down. Plus, everyone loves them.

Winfrey/Knowles 2016. That’s all I’m saying ‘Murica.

Let’s make this happen 8)

Please no

worst post ever!

Hahaha. This made me laugh. But really, Oprah and Beyonce running the country……..


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The big day is here, Kate Middleton is in labor!

Let the royal baby fever commence!

I hope the baby doesn’t have their daddy’s hairline. :(